Where Did I Put My Glasses

 The things you find when you go looking for something else!

Not my glasses; they're on my face where I can keep an eye on the elusive buggers.

Musing about starting to write again, I've spent several days trying to decide where to ACTUALLY start, whether pen to paper in a notebook - which ultimately has to be transcribed anyway, to various word processors I have on my laptop. Or on the laptop itself. Or the Chromebook, which could be shared with the laptop...

I checked into Writing.com, of which I've been a member since avian dinosaurs escaped the Great Extinction. I was wondering if their word processing system might suit - it didn't, but it's a good system - and I discovered a long-ago-written romance. I'd posted it on the site years ago and forgot it was there. If it's not too embarrassing, I might work on it here.


Yes, I decided to write my blog and incorporate my novel efforts... here. On Blogspot. After all, I paid for the domain so I should damn-well be using it.

Anyway, watch this space.

If I don't forget.

Cuz I'm old.

Oh, by the way, my main project is still Wrath of Mool (working title) but other tales fall into my brain cavity every now and again so who knows.



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