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Where Did I Put My Glasses

 The things you find when you go looking for something else! Not my glasses; they're on my face where I can keep an eye on the elusive buggers. Musing about starting to write again, I've spent several days trying to decide where to ACTUALLY start, whether pen to paper in a notebook - which ultimately has to be transcribed anyway, to various word processors I have on my laptop. Or on the laptop itself. Or the Chromebook, which could be shared with the laptop... I checked into , of which I've been a member since avian dinosaurs escaped the Great Extinction. I was wondering if their word processing system might suit - it didn't, but it's a good system - and I discovered a long-ago-written romance. I'd posted it on the site years ago and forgot it was there. If it's not too embarrassing, I might work on it here. Here? Yes, I decided to write my blog and incorporate my novel efforts... here. On Blogspot. After all, I paid for the domain so I should da