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I've Won NaNoWriMo!

 Yep, I tipped the 50,000 word scale this morning around 10h30 and am actually a little over the required count at 50,250 words as of today. I plugged it into the Nano website and the crowd went wild! Actually, I got an exploding badge of Congratulations and that was good too. Not Actually Finished As expected, I think I'm only about half way through my novel. My characters are only just coming together now (Looking For Group) with quite a few adventures left on the storyboard. I'm optimistically estimating the halfway mark because I'm desperately trying to get the protagonists and antagonists together for a good 'ol Donnybrook and the arch-demon just sent my major villain to a complete 'nother country ffs. It's like herding cats. Keep Writing And that's the biggest lesson I've learned this month is to keep on writing no matter what.  Also, I've learned to just mindlessly write the story as it comes to me (or not) and not worry about editing as I go

Plot Has Left The Building

 As we approach mid-November and I find myself almost halfway through NaNoWriMo without a severe hitch, I want to lift my head for a moment and say, "Hi". I'm getting into a routine, although it was a bit rough at the start. I have managed to get my word-count in every day but sometimes it was by the skin of my teeth and, one evening, I had to literally sit myself down around 8pm or so, and scribble out those last 100 to 150 words. Then trouble hit, in the form of appointments; spouse's appointments and a couple of my own. Nothing unmanageable but he gets up early for them and when he's up and about, it's nearly impossible to write; he's a bit of a conversationalist. Pre-planning and mindfulness got me through. What Plot? Yep. I lost the Plot somewhere in the third chapter, I think; it was getting up to leave during the second one so I should have known. Now, I'm pantsing my arse off and have no idea where this story is going or where we'll end up