Prelude or Not To Prelude

 So I stumbled across a blog article the other day about style called Terrible Writing Advice Everyone Should Ignore and it was pretty good.

But it got me thinking...

I Did Not Know

That some people don't like preludes. Personally I love preludes and can't relate, however, it got me questioning the fact that I have two preludes to begin my story and that might be deemed a little excessive.

Even by my standards.

Revising the Prelude

I've decided to go with the original Preface (or whatever the f*ck it was) and make it the One And Only Prelude. No discussion and the piece is in Final Draft so I'm loathe to mess with it.

Then, like J.K.Rowling, just dive right into Chapter One, which is actually a prelude and explains some things a prelude should explain.

Which means I could re-write most of it in an attempt to segue the thing into the real beginning of the story.

And get rid of some of those pesky adverbs...



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