Mental Preparation for NaNoWriMo

 It's all personal, of course, but I've gone a little Pre-live-it-up in the last week or so. I've been mulling over a schedule to train myself into (bad grammar) but have also just discovered THC is actually good for you in an anti-carcinogenic sort of way. Probably smoking it is the worst way to go but I'm experimenting with oils; this latest one has knocked my socks off.

All the while I'm cutting loose and puttering with index cards, I am contemplating "The Schedule". I think Tuesday I will implement it and get the habit-ball rolling - with me as the hamster-in-training.

And ganja oil only before bedtime.

I Did Accomplish Stuff This Week!

Mostly sorting and getting order knocked into the remainder of my notes, but I also unearthed the portion of the story that I've already written.

Obviously, these two first chapters (one is actually a preface to explain why and how the world came to have magic and magical beings/creatures) cannot be included in my NaNoWriMo Project. Not only have I already written them, I've actually edited them down to a first and a final draft.

I decided to instead, post them again to my blog as I have done in the past and everyone can get a sneak preview of the beginnings of the novel I plan to write in November. Or at least 50,000 words of it.

Prelude to the Prelude: In The Beginning



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