My Sweet Summer Child Approach to NaNoWriMo

 I took a break today from jotting my random thoughts (turns out there's hundreds knocking around up there) down on the printout version of the "Jot, Bin, Pants" method I found on Nano's website when I took that Quiz last week.

I'm giving it a whirl to try and get my chaotic brain into something resembling Writing Mode come November.

It started a bit slowly with events/scenes I've had in my head for decades. Then the floodgate opened and I'm currently filling up the BACK of the paper. Answers to troubling questions and continuity bottle-necks are presenting themselves faster than I can jot them down.


Next step is to get all these scenes into some sort of Beginning, Middle, End order. I might resort to highlighters for that cuz there's not a lot of room for numbering and more ideas are spawning even as I start to sort.

If I end up doing Nano next year, I have oodles of ideas for a sequel. Or ten.

I tried doing a brain-dump flow charty-thingie but it actually made things worse in some ways. For instance, I was unsure if I'd come up with some scenes twice and had to check through everything to make sure. I did, however, manage to work out what the heck they're all (mostly) fighting over, so that's something. Maybe I'll keep the Flow Charty Thingie in my repertoire after all. In case a knotty question has to be worked out.

On another note, my artwork is horrible.

I'm antsy to begin but there's still October (Preptober) to get through so I'll just keep paring down my scenes and tweaking the tale where it needs it. I'll probably be better off in the end for the whole process but whole conversations keep breaking out in my head. It's annoying that I can't write them down.

Sweet Summer Child

I check into Nano's website every so often to keep up with news but today as I was browsing all the many helpful resources they offer, I found myself thinking, 'I'll try that next year'. I realized I'm going into this as a completely wet-behind-the-ears newbie with no idea how I'll do, or if I will even do. Though I really want to. Do, that is.

'More fun to just jump in and do,' thought I.

So here I am: I've taken a Quiz to determine what I already knew but now I have a shiny PDF printout with which I can have a ball, and then there's the suspiciously sneaking feeling that I'm being herded toward the Planners' side of the arena.

Is that a good thing?



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