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My Sweet Summer Child Approach to NaNoWriMo

 I took a break today from jotting my random thoughts (turns out there's hundreds knocking around up there) down on the printout version of the " Jot, Bin, Pants " method I found on Nano's website when I took that Quiz last week. I'm giving it a whirl to try and get my chaotic brain into something resembling Writing Mode come November. It started a bit slowly with events/scenes I've had in my head for decades. Then the floodgate opened and I'm currently filling up the BACK of the paper. Answers to troubling questions and continuity bottle-necks are presenting themselves faster than I can jot them down. I FINALLY KNOW WHO MOOL IS !! Next step is to get all these scenes into some sort of Beginning, Middle, End order. I might resort to highlighters for that cuz there's not a lot of room for numbering and more ideas are spawning even as I start to sort. If I end up doing Nano next year, I have oodles of ideas for a sequel. Or ten. I tried doing a brain-d

NaNoWriMo Looms... *SQUEEEEEE!

 I'd actually almost forgotten I had this blog, although I knew I had A blog somewhere... Anyway, after a chaotic Summer hanging out with my grandson while his parents got on with Covid-wrangling, I am now ready to get back to my *cough* calling. Actually, I just want to be a writer. Life kind of got in the way. Over and over again. Then there's that pesky need to make some money in order to feed, clothe and shelter various components of the family sphere. Driving a truck for nearly 30 years allowed me to do a bit of both; make a bit of money, enough to get by and have a small cushion, and do a bit of writing along the way. The accumulation of these writings are scattered across 5 computers, 3-4 devices, notebooks beyond counting, a plethora of sticky notes of all sizes and colours, the backs of envelopes, and pieces of paper towel torn from the restrooms of truckstops on the Toronto to Montreal corridor of the 401. I actually wrote an entire book (pantsed it) back in the early