I'm Playing Sims 2 Again

 When The Sims first came out over twenty years ago, I fell head over heels in love with the game. I've been playing off and on, through all the expansions and sequels, since then.

My favourite version has always been The Sims 2 and recently I've stumbled on some YouTube Creators who play the game so differently than how I do. They are very knowledgeable and I have learned more about The Sims in the past two weeks than I have since its inception.

For instance, I eventually accepted as a given the fact that the game would corrupt itself somehow eventually, usually sooner rather than later, and I would have to start anew. I learned to explore the innards of my EA Games files, and by trial and error, what goes where and does this.

When Origin came out with The Ultimate Collection of the Sims 2, I was over the moon; no more hours of uploading my endless collection of discs, base game and all its many expansions.

I could now fiddle to my heart's content and when (not 'if' but 'when') things went south, voila! A quick uninstallation or repair and I was back in business within the hour instead of spending an entire day at it. And it was free! If you had the original Sims 2, that was. Thank you, Origin!

It's unfortunate they have decided to take The Sims 2 off the market as so many still love to play.

My Gameplay Modus Operandi

I love to Create. Sims, lots, neighbourhoods, you name it. I'm not very good at it but I love to build stuff and the sims to go with it.

I'm not so good at follow-through when it comes to actually playing my families, though. I think it's because I'm too controlling. I need to let my creations have more free will.

As I mentioned, I have begun to follow a couple of Creators on YouTube who employ two different gameplay methods. They have inspired me to get back into the game.

Cindy, of Pleasant Sims streams as well as hosts her YT channel and also blogs. I have learned SO MUCH from her videos alone. 

I will still probably corrupt my neighbourhoods eventually but this lady has taught me many tricks to stave off that moment. Many thanks to Cindy; I love her channel.

Kristen, of Historical Simmer puts up videos chronicling her neighbourhood of Victorian sims and the drama that entails.

And a third channel worth following is Lets Play With Fir3 by Fir3princ3ss and she is playing a Medieval Neighbourhood, to name just one as she does other challenges, as well. I have a soft spot for the Middle Ages and feudalism in general.

The Chronicles of Findocherty Myle

Okay the name takes some getting used to, but this is a neighbourhood I've created from scratch. I have nearly finished completing it for play. I want to take what I have learned and employ it in my gameplay in order to write some (maybe interesting) stories.

There are some not-so-normal characters in this tale just to make things more interesting.

I always have a fulcrum in my neighbourhoods, a central peg upon which the place pivots somehow. In Findocherty, my peg is one Angelica Flowers, an alien observer who has her own tale to tell.

So stay tuned - I start the story with Ange and why she finds herself in this predicament.



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