Findocherty Myle | Episode Two: The Creation of Findocherty Myle

I will have creator's notes throughout my narration, but I also like to take time to explain the bigger things as we go along. Like how I created Findocherty Myle from scratch which is my topic for today.

It's a great feeling, by the way, to create something entirely to your personal specifications and actually be able to use it. Kinda makes me feel like the benevolent creator. *sniff

Most of the time.

I actually went to Origin®  and bought Sim City 4 specifically for its ability to create my own neighbourhoods for my Sims 2 because I'm not keen on many of the in-game maps, to be honest.   

Anyway, I called the new hood, Loch Cairn, and designed it to be used for small communities.

It took me three tries but I learned a lot and plunked it into my game, where I was able to access it, attach a pic to it - I hate those generic green landscape graph things - and promptly put it into use for the creation of Findocherty Myle.

I began to add flora. And a stone ring because... druids.

And placing lots, starting with the Druid's grove and matching Community Lot, a Sacred Oake meeting ground for the inhabitants. 

The Druids will be a playable household and they hold the social standing of Spiritual Leaders. They also maintain the Sacred Oake community lot, of course, presiding over weddings, wakes and feast days. 

I am leaving the lots to either side of the Grove open for future expansion; once tithes come in to the total of a cool million §§§ we can expand. Each lot goes for one square per million.

My rules.

In addition to the tiny hamlet huts, I have placed The Laird's Castle to the northeast up a small rise in the land.

A long tract of land (1x6) is on the road to the village. It is designated for our Hunter/Gather, Nervous Subject, who has fled Strangetown for better times. Too bad he had to jump to the 12th century to ensure no one follows him.

There is also a vacant Inn on the crossroads to the Laird's abode. I have plans for one of my other refugee founders, Sandy Bruty. 

I had to move in my main character, Angelica Flowers, and play for a bit so I could get a nice aerial shot of autumnal Findocherty Myle. I love these pics for the Intro Screen.

I should attempt a vid, maybe?

As I mentioned, I love these aerial shots. For the end product - the one I'm going to drop into my neighbourhood's file, I just edit out the plumbbob(s) with Paint - don't judge me, I'm a rank amateur at these things - and save the new picture sans weird floaty green things.

They're a sure sign of aliens!


So there we have our Neighbourhood, the fabled Findocherty Myle, a temporal refuge and petrie dish all in one. How will Angelica cope with being away from her home and among... aliens. Will she manage to fit in? Or will she just accept her role as village witch for better or worse.

And how will she deal with her new Aspiration of Fortune Sim? It's fortunate she is at least able to choose Knowledge as her Secondary Aspiration and keep herself on track.

Or will she?


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