Findocherty Myle | Episode Three: Remember Komei?

Meet Komei Tellerman. You've probably already run across Komei in various neighbourhoods. Some dispise him or laugh at him and some love him. I am one of the latter and always try to find ways to play Komei, and I thought it might be expedient to explain his role in this story.

In Findocherty Myle, Komei plays the part of a Knight recently returned from the Sim Crusades [don't ask, I make this stuff up as I go along] and by dint of some heroics in the service of his king, he has been granted the title of Laird and a swampy bit of land to go with it.

Albeit in a place far away and difficult to get to, but land nonetheless.

The catch is that Komei must build his own community because he is still in service to his king, and the king wants his taxes. Having his income depend solely on the tithes of his tenants, Komei must enticed some serfs to come live on his land.

Until his funds improve, Komei Tellerman, now Komei the Laird, must sit it out.

Our Beneficent Creator [me] has kindly provided Komei shelter, a comfortable chair, and a means of communication. He also has ChristianLov's Wallet Token Controller mod in his pocket - they all do - so we can send and receive tithes and taxes without a lot of hassle.

Hang in there, Komes, I'll get to you and hopefully we'll have enough funds to build that castle you've always wanted.

Further to the Story of the Laird...

I got thinking that just three pictures wasn't at all fair to Komei and decided to play him next instead of Crys the Druid. 

Angelica Flowers has just submitted her Quarter Day tithe of §4000 and it's rusting a hole in his cuirasses. I've decided to let him start on his castle.

I wanted to make sure ChristianLov's Wallet Token Controller from Mod the Sims actually worked, so I went into the Laird's lot to playtest it.

And finish the dirt road for that chique medieval look.

Since I withdrew Ange's §4000 to test the banking mod, I decided to start on Komei's castle.

Four thousand simoleons doesn't go far but I got part of the curtain wall down and a start on the moat.

Let The Simoleons Roll In!

So that is where our tax simoleons are going when Quarterday comes around.

I'm in two minds about whether to play Komei's lot each and every time someone pays his tithes, or wait until a whole round passes before going on a building spree. I will have to give it some thought before I decide.


Edit to Add: Just before this post was due to come out, I was watching the beginning of Let's Play With Fir3's series on YouTube for the Medieval Charter Challenge. I was struck at how similar our two communities resembled each other in certain aspects.

I have also breached the fourth wall a bit by bringing in ringers and an alien presence but I really can't help myself sometimes...

I really like how Fir3's more historically accurate series captures the ambience of the age and she has far more patience than I do for water-gathering and fridge-filling. She has done a crack job with the narration of her stories as well.

I want to emulate her now and do some videos but we'll see.

SlĂ inte!


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