Crashed Game

 I am my own worst enemy.

I'll make this post short and bittersweet, but I got an alert yesterday that my OneDrive was filling up and went to investigate. (insert Boomer Alert here)

It was full of, you guessed it, Sims stuff. 

"Well," says I, "That will have to be tidied and cleaned out!"

I backed up my perfectly functioning game - I've been careful to package new lots as I build them, new Sims, etc. - and leapt into OneDrive smiting hip and thigh until all was clear. 

Take that, OneDrive! You'll not get a penny out of me just because I can't manage my own files. I can and I will. I have done!

Except... suddenly I got an Error message when I tried to open The Game.

No matter - this is what I have been preparing for. And promptly re-installed everything, then dropped in my saved Neighbourhoods with a flourish.



My families have disappeared. I have no clue as to how that happened except perhaps an inkling that it has to do with Body Shop and how things are synced within these products. I noticed SimCity 4 has all new maps as well.

So I have a pristine neighbourhood where I was playing through the various Sims starring in my online Serial Story.

But no Sims. None. A few of which I had gotten to know and like. I am a bit bummed, to be honest but I'll get over it. At least the story has not progressed very far.

Something Completely New

I have it in mind to re-populate Findocherty Myle as closely as I can to the original genus and see if I can take up the tale. I already have some scripting in place so hopefully this will work out.

I also want to start over with my original medieval settlement, Miggewethe. Also from scratch; I drafted a new map today with this intention.

It's quite simple and small, perfect for tiny communities.

I've placed the Laird's lot, and the Inn but I don't know where to go from here. Do I really need two medieval neighbourhoods? Argh!

I've got nothing at the moment so I think I'll sleep on it.

Cheers, all!


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