This Writing Thing

 So the good news is, I've been doing lots of writing, and the bad news is, I've gotten somewhat bogged down in the planning of it all.


Yeah, I'm one of those, so up until recently - when I decided to take the writing to a more serious level than just composing thoughtful comments to other people's content - I would sit down and... write.

I would go over the piece several times, of course, cleaning it up, editing and arranging my thoughts.

Boom. Done.


Apparently pantsing is not how most writers do it, instead spending days, weeks, months even, painstakingly plotting out every act, scene, situation, characters, nuance. 

And completely sucking all the fun out of actually writing the story.

Middle Ground

I'm currently exploring the possibility that I might benefit from SOME plotting - more than a few scribbled notes on post-its, anyway - and have fallen into the rabbit-hole of the various story structures out there.

Scrivener: The Ultimate Rabbit-hole

I purchased this writers' programme a couple/three years ago and it's been languishing on my old laptop. I transferred it to the new and, voila! A brand-new toy to occupy my goldfish brain and a learning curve to, well, learn.

And then the NEW rabbit-hole: templates. I love designing templates. Templates for various genres, and their story and character arcs. Character and setting templates, a format to plug in ideas, notes, bits of ideas, scenes, commentary, and dialogue...

And still no actual writing.

*heavy sigh*



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