I Need To Start Writing

I stopped making YouTube videos some weeks ago.

To start with it was because Spouse had holidays right at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown and we spent the week cleaning the house within an inch of its life, he downstairs and me upstairs. The main floor is always pretty reasonable in case people drop by.

Which admittedly isn't often... even without an immanent apocalypse looming on the horizon.

However, I never really got back into the vlogging thing. Spouse is not keen for one thing - he's afraid of doxxing and in light of recent YouTube drama in that area, I can't say as I blame him. Not being able to get out and about put sort of a kybosh on things as well.

I had planned on fishing this summer.

I guess we all had planned a lot of things but this not-so-brave new world seems to have become the new normal. At least for the time being.


How Am I Dealing With The Crisis?

As with most anxieties, I knit. Or crochet. When I get bored of one I switch to the other. Everyone is getting crocheted shawls this year for Christmas. Even the boys.

But what I really want to do is write.

So why don't I, you ask?

Well I'm asking myself this question too, and the answer seems to be:

I Need To Get Off My Lazy Ass

Yup. Nothing to it but to do it, as they say.

One of these days I'm going to find out just who 'they' are and whap them with my defunct iPad...

So against advice that writing a Prologue might be bad, I went ahead and wrote one anyway, cleverly calling it a 'Prelude' instead because I think I needed a little exposition on just how the world came to be in its current situation - the one in my story, I mean, not the one now, surreal as that may be.

Also, I have a tiny problem with authority.

Reality sucks. Which is why I'm escaping into an alternate universe where life still sucks but at least there's magic.

How Magic Came To Be

So how did the world acquire this magic? Well again, I'm glad you asked, because I explain it all in this little Deus Ex Machina right here:



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