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My Semi-New Serial Story

I launched the first installment of my online serial story yesterday and tweaked it today because no matter how many times you proof-read these damn things, you will still find a f*king spelling error or mistake later on. You can find it here . Not My First Rodeo Just to be clear, this is not the first time I have done this and I have quite a lot of this saga and other bits and pieces of partially-written novels in draft form. Those who have known me for a long time may have seen some of the tale already. However, they've been gathering dust on an old ex-drive and I thought I should haul them out, refurbish, recycle and reuse; and have some fun. Mostly because I like the main storyline but also, if I am to call myself a writer, I should bloody well write something. Since I have had several stories and several attempts at telling them going back over the years, I have decided to roll them all into the creative mixing bowl and have at it. Kind of like my actual cooking...

I Need To Start Writing

I stopped making YouTube videos some weeks ago. To start with it was because Spouse had holidays right at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown and we spent the week cleaning the house within an inch of its life, he downstairs and me upstairs. The main floor is always pretty reasonable in case people drop by. Which admittedly isn't often... even without an immanent apocalypse looming on the horizon. However, I never really got back into the vlogging thing. Spouse is not keen for one thing - he's afraid of doxxing and in light of recent YouTube drama in that area, I can't say as I blame him. Not being able to get out and about put sort of a kybosh on things as well. I had planned on fishing this summer. I guess we all had planned a lot of things but this not-so-brave new world seems to have become the new normal. At least for the time being. So... How Am I Dealing With The Crisis? As with most anxieties, I knit. Or crochet. When I get bored of one I switch t