Renewing My Writing Career

When I woke up this morning I had no idea that I was going to go whole hog and actually buy a web domain with Google.

I have been upset with Wordpress for some time simply because they do NOT provide the proper tools to keep out other 'tools' that constantly spam, hack, and otherwise ruin my blogging experience over there.

Every morning I clear my spam folder and diligently enter IP addresses, trigger words and phrases, mostly from Russian spammers, translating the Cyrillic so I know which to copy and paste, etc., would-be sellers of viagra and cialis, and let me tell you, it's exhausting, time consuming, and seemingly endless.

And I refuse to pay further money for a service like Akismet or the like.

Back To Blogger

Blogger, even the free version, has always been good to me. It has plenty of scope in regard to visual site setup, is user friendly, because, quite frankly I have no time to keep up with coding anymore as that, too, is exhausting.

Interesting, but exhausting.

And I've always heard that you might lose your blog and all its contents one day, willy-nilly, should Google wake up with PMS so I decided over coffee this morning that I would buy my domain outright and set it up with Blogger.

Done and dusted; here it is.

I Like To Write

Plain and simple, I like to write and although I can't guarantee that it will be interesting, I will write because that's what writers do.

I do it for my own pleasure, just as I make YouTube videos for pleasure. If monetization eventually comes along, of course I will not say no, but that is not really my goal.

Actually, I cannot really put into words what my goals are at this point.

I am just a retired person who is enjoying her retirement and I like to do a variety of activities. Writing is just one of them, and why not blog and vlog about my days?

Seems logical, no?

So here we go - blogging to a non-existent audience and enjoying every minute!



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