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Just What Do Retired People Do?

I don't know about other retired people and it all depends upon age and circumstances, doesn't it? I mean, Prince Phillip's retirement seems to be going swimmingly. Others... well. We make do as best we can with the resources available to us. I'm one of the lucky ones. I actively planned for my retirement early on, so not only was I able to retire a few years early, with care and proper budgeting, I will be reasonably comfortable for years to come, God give me life. The Transition Was Hard It was much harder than I thought it would be, and losing family members around the same time did not help. Beforehand, I was nervous about money, even though I had plotted my budget down to the penny and could survive until my Canada Pension and Old Age Pension activated at age sixty-five, which will happen in a couple of months. Afterward, I found the lack of structure very disconcerting and struggled to balance my day. Daily Exercise And Nutritional Meal Pla

My Weight Loss Journey

When I retired in 2017 it was just after my father had passed away and, having gone through a severely bad mental rough patch, I was tipping the scales at around 240+ lbs (left pic). I ate my last piece of cake on the afternoon of my retirement party at my work. I started walking. I could barely make it around the block - and it was a fairly small block! My dentist, just before my retirement, had mentioned Keto and so I decided to look into that and fell down the nutrition rabbit hole. It was a good rabbit hole and I have never really emerged. Two years later (the picture on the right) I was down to 170 lbs and feeling fantastic! I had cut out all sugars and carbs, and trust me, I did go through three or four days of the keto flu. Yes, it is a thing. I had read up on it and knew what was in store, but I am not afraid of a little discomfort, especially when it comes to my health. Currently, I tip the scales at 144 lbs. I have a gym membership and attend thre

Renewing My Writing Career

When I woke up this morning I had no idea that I was going to go whole hog and actually buy a web domain with Google. I have been upset with Wordpress for some time simply because they do NOT provide the proper tools to keep out other 'tools' that constantly spam, hack, and otherwise ruin my blogging experience over there. Every morning I clear my spam folder and diligently enter IP addresses, trigger words and phrases, mostly from Russian spammers, translating the Cyrillic so I know which to copy and paste, etc., would-be sellers of viagra and cialis, and let me tell you, it's exhausting, time consuming, and seemingly endless. And I refuse to pay further money for a service like Akismet or the like. Back To Blogger Blogger, even the free version, has always been good to me. It has plenty of scope in regard to visual site setup, is user friendly, because, quite frankly I have no time to keep up with coding anymore as that, too, is exhausting. Interesting, but ex